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Epilogue 1025-1035 AC

With the advice of ex-Queen Yrsa the Young, Baroness Alexandra Vorloi rules Zeamark well. In 1026 AC Alexandra's brother Sir Eusebius Vorloi courts and marries Yrsa, adopting her two sons by Hord Darkeye.
With love and care, Alexandra raises the girl Claudia to be a fine young woman, though the girl does sometimes report strange dreams of a past life, and occasional flashes of dark moods. Alexandra does her best to take her adoptive daughter through the dark times.

Roseanna wins the favour of Thyatian Crown Prince Eusebius, and in the fullness of time (1035 AC) the Jarla Roseanna of Suddemark, Knight of the Griffon and Knight of the Air, becomes Duchess of Kerandas, founding a dynasty of mighty warrior knights and priests.

The Duke-Sultan Bravery works on making contacts within the Imperial Court and has a cordial relationship with the Emperor Thincol Torion, though not to the extent of his sister's relationship with the Empress Eriadna of Alphatia. His generosity in returning the Heldannic Knights wins him the friendship of that faction. After a few years in M11 1030 AC Bravery's wife Aleena has a fourth child, Bravery's third son. Also in 1030 the High Road from Karameikos to Alasiya is completed, bringing much trade wealth to both nations.

Bravery income (w 20K trade bonus 1031+):
80,000/year 1026, 27, 28, 29. 30 = 400K
100,000/year 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 = 500K
Total 900K, but need to spend 450K to avoid constraint on money supply.

Alexandra income 30K/year x10= 300K

Roseanna income 6K/year to 1035 = 60K, 75K/year thereafter.

1026 AC Oliver Jowett, Patriarch of Specularum, dies after a short illness. He is succeeded by Patriarch Sherlane Halaran, the father of Aleena Halaran. Bishop Alfric Oderbry is named Supreme Leader of the Knights of the Griffon.
1029 AC Death of King Solvi Hardhand of Castellan. When he felt the touch of death upon him he sailed out to battle pirates, propped up by his retainers long enough to die gloriously in battle and go on to Valhalla. His second son Sigurd Strongarm is named his successor, and becomes King of Castellan.
1030 AC The dwarf-built High Road from Karameikos to Alasiya is completed.
1035 AC Roseanna Vorloi becomes Duchess of Kerandas.

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